Garage Door Service

Amzac Garage Doors provides garage door service for all makes and models of residential and commercial garage doors and openers.

Our service area includes any area within a 50 mile radius of downtown Lexington. We will occasionally venture outside of this service area for a small mileage fee.

Our service schedule is mostly determined by the geographic spread of our calls on any given day. We provide customers an ETA within a 3-4 hour window as well as a 30 minute notice via phone prior to our arrival. We understand it is difficult to wait around for a service technician, but we rarely know how long each call is going to take until we get there and diagnose the problem - making it impossible to give an exact time for most service appointments.

However, if you need an appointment for an exact time we can accommodate your request with adequate notice to schedule around it - call for more info.

Same-Day Service Guarantee

For Fayette County residents we offer a Same-Day Service Guarantee if you call us before 11:00 am Monday-Friday. Most residential service issues can be resolved with one trip.

Residential and Commercial Emergency Service

We provide 24 Hour Residential and Commercial Emergency Service every day of the year for situations where your vehicle is trapped or the premises cannot be secured. Call our main number anytime for assistance.


Spring Replacement


Opener Repair


Vinyl Door Stop Replacement


Bottom Seal Replacement


Roller & Hinge Replacement

Powdercoat Hardware

Storm Shield Threshold


General Maintenance


Commercial Maintenance Contracts